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Fibre Reinforced Plastic

Many common building materials have their advantages, however are susceptible to long-term issues:

  • Wood deteriorates
  • Aluminium conducts heat
  • Steel corrodes and expands
  • Concrete will crack

But if you need a low maintenance material that will stand the test of time in the toughest conditions, you can’t go past fibre reinforced plastic.

It will survive constant battering by the waves and strong winds. It will absorb the harsh Australian sun without any problems. It is strong and light. Functional and stylish.

Fibre reinforced plastic was the material of choice for all those reasons on our projects with Mildura Rural City Council and Federation University Australia in Victoria.


Mildura Rural City Council - Blandowski Trail

Summary of work:

Designs, drawings and certification for the boardwalk and staircase from a popular walking track down a steep river bank.


Federation University Australia - Ballarat

Summary of work:

Designs, drawings and certification for a bridge replacement between two buildings, along with a new walkway including ramps and deck area. Stage 1 - Bridge replacement. Stage 2 - Ramp and Deck.

These organisations realised that the benefits for such a premium material were worth far more than the initial cost. They factored in that less maintenance or replacement of materials (or the whole structure) over the long term, meant significant cost savings. Much more than they would achieve if they chose the materials typically used for a boardwalk and walkway, such as timber, concrete, and steel.

Our strong relationship with Replas, our recycled plastics manufacturer, means we have access to a consistent and reliable source of recycled plastic. So you can be sure we’ll have the recycled plastic you need at the best price.

What do you need?

  • Boardwalks
  • Decking
  • Walkway.

Contact us to discuss your project. Or visit the Gallery to see examples of our work.